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译: A accounts for 12.7 percent of B. 或 The proportion of A is 12.7% in B. 还有其它表达.如下 参与资料: girl students accounted for 47.3 percent of total primary school enrollment. 女在校生比例占47.3%。 The proportion of worki...

percentage是百分比,如果只是比例的话我觉得应该用ratio,the ratio of A to B 就是A与B的比例,在你的例句中就是xxx represents the ratio of good nodes that involved in interaction to all the good nodes.

a=50%*b b= 8%*c 所以a=50%*8%*c=4%c

不是,是求 A 是 B 的多少倍。 A 除以 B 再乘以 100%,就是求 A 占 B 的百分比 。

A占B的40%。 英文: A is 40% of B.

How many persents are A,B,C in that?


35%×50%×80% =0.35×0.5×0.8 =0.14 =14%

郭敦荣回答: 先分别称量(测定)A,B,C的重量各是多少,确认A+B+C=25 kg,之后计算各占总量的百分比: A占总量的百分比=A的重量/25×100%, B占总量的百分比=B的重量/25×100%, C占总量的百分比=C的重量/25×100%。

A1 B1 C1=A1/(a1+b1) D1=B1/(a1+b1) 是这个意思吗?

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